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Highest paid nursing jobs in the UK

UK nursing jobs scales are significantly different to several international scales and the salaries for nursing jobs vary markedly. As a nurse you work tirelessly but are you getting paid appropriately? When it comes to nursing specialties, being in the right field can make your job so much easier, more enjoyable and of course more financially rewarding. So how do you choose the right nursing job? Should you choose one of the nursing jobs you love even if you know that the pay isn’t much or should salary be your primary consideration? Your personal preference and the earning potential both play key roles in helping you decide. After having worked hard through nursing school to get to where you are you deserve to the make the most of your career by earning the highest salary possible.

Take a look at the top ten highest paying nursing jobs in the UK.

10. Paediatric Endocrinology Nurse
Median Annual Income: £37,500
The common misperception is that paediatric endocrinology nurses work only with children with diabetes. Whilst diabetes is probably the most common endocrine problem you will work with, any endocrine disorder can be encountered. In the UK, such nurses work in specialised clinics and also in hospitals and private pediatricians’ suites. The role is highly specialised and involves developing treatment and care plans and providing education for both patients and their families.

9. Orthopaedic Nurse
Median Annual Income: £39,500
Orthopaedic nurses provide care for patients suffering from different types of musculoskeletal ailments, such as arthritis and joint replacement. As an orthopaedic nurse, you will also be responsible for educating patients on these disorders and on the different self-care and support systems that are available.

8. Mental Health Nurse – Personality Disorder Services
Median Annual Income: £40,000
Any nurse who works on a personality disorder service will tell you, this is one of the toughest nursing jobs to be in. Working successfully on a personality disorder service takes requires a different type of temperament to other nursing jobs. Read more about personality disorders in Introduction to Personality Disorders.

7. Mental Health Nurse CAMHS inpatient services
Median Annual Income: £41,000
CAMHS nursing jobs can be very demanding with rapid turnover and emotionally draining scenarios are the norm rather than the exception. But if this is your area, there are over 300 vacancies available in both the NHS and the Independent Sector. The independent sector rates tend to be higher but within the NHS salaries for roles currently available range between £37 000 and £47 000.

6.Nurse Researcher
Median Annual Income: £42,000
Nurse researchers work as analysts for private companies. They publish research studies based on data collected on specific medical, pharmaceutical or nursing products or practices.

5. Midwife
Median £52 000
Recent Head of Midwifery posts advertised at £70 000

4.Nurse Commissioning Managers
NHS Vacancies: Between £52 000 to £63 000
There are several nursing jobs which take you away from the clinical front line and if you want to be more involved with service development and design, this may be the nursing job for you. As a nurse commissioning manager you will require skills and knowledge around service development and redesign and the knowledge and experience to provide advice on quality, safety and safeguarding within the business development and commissioning cycle. You will need knowledge of the commissioning and contracting processes, including the development and monitoring of quality schedules and CQUIN’s; the monitoring, analysis and presenting of quality information and data; and a track record of developing constructive and productive working relationships with a range of providers and stakeholders.

3. Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Median Salary: £72 000
Currently there are over a 100 such vacancies in our database.
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2. Nurse Director
Median Salary £80 000
Current NHS vacancies:
£74 000 as Head of Nursing
£98 000 as Director of quality and Executive Nurse.

1. CEO’s
There are several nurses who have climbed the rung and made it the the CEO position. Depending on the sector and company, median salaries are in the region of £120 000 plus benefits!


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