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The NMC Nurse Revalidation Portfolio

Your solution to stress free nursing revalidation

Finally, a nurse revalidation portfolio which simplifies the process is here for you! A user friendly revalidation portfolio for nurses allowing you to easily maintain your registration and practising privileges. Our solution has been designed by nurses to meet all your revalidation needs and much more. Nurse Connect is a revalidation system that allows you to share information and resources, complete participatory CPD and stay in touch with other nurses. A system JUST for nurses.

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What is Nurse Connect?
Nurse Connect is an electronic nurse revalidation portfolio designed specifically to meet all of your revalidation needs. It was created by nursing professionals, like you, to manage and simplify the process of protecting your registration. We guarantee that we have the most efficient and meaningful solution for you.

Our nurse revalidation portfolio is the ONLY solution to automatically match your evidence to the relevant Standards in The Code, ensuring you meet the NMC requirements to successfully revalidate. Essentially, all the work is done for you with a couple of simple clicks!

We understand how busy you are and that you may not always have access to a computer. That is why you can manage your portfolio directly from your mobile, tablet, or computer at your convenience to keep you organised.

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Discover the preferred Nurse Revalidation solution for yourself


Meeting your Nurse Revalidation Requirements And Uploading Your Evidence has Never been Easier!

Simply use our drop downs to quickly record your practice hours

With minimal effort, log your CPD hours. Your evidence will automatically co ordinate to the relevant standards in The Code. ALL the hard work is done for you!

Easily enter your Feedback. Reflect upon it and then show how your evidence relates to The Code’s standards

Sharing information, resources and staying in touch with other nurses has never been easier with our unique chat system just for nurses

Monitor Progress
In order to give you a simple snapshot of where you are in your Revalidation process, our informative summary page will show your revalidation progress at a glance.

You can proactively track your progress and monitor the number of requirements you have met or have outstanding. It will also show how much evidence you have supplied to meet the standards in The Code:

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Once you have completed all of the nurse revalidation requirements you will be able to gain confirmation with the built in template and then easily submit your evidence to the NMC.

Don’t get left behind

Purchase your nurse revalidation solution now and protect your registration. Membership is easy; join the other nurses who think our electronic nurse revalidation portfolio is ‘SIMPLY the BEST’.

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