NMC Revalidation for Nurses: Practice Hour Requirements

NMC Practice Hours Requirements for Nurses and Midwives

As a nurse or midwife, you must work a certain amount of hours over a period of 3 years to meet the NMC’s practice hour requirements for revalidation. The NMC’s practice hours requirements is to evidence you have had enough exposure to maintain your right to practice.

The following is the minimum total of practice hours required to meet the NMC revalidation practice hour requirements;

  • Nurse : 450 hours
  • Midwife : 450 hours
  • Nurse and SCHPN12 : 450 hours
  • Midwife and SCHPN : 450 hours
  • Nurse and midwife (including Nurse/SCHPN and Midwife/SCHPN) : 900 hours (450 for nursing and 450 for midwifery

Your practice hours should relate to your particular role practice and can include non-clinical care for some roles. You can still take a career break as long as you meet the minimum hours required within the period of the 3 year revalidation cycle. If you do not manage to complete these hours, you will need to look into NMC approved return to practice programs before you will be able to renew your registration again.

The NMC advise you to record your practice hours in your portfolio so you have a clear and accurate record ready to confirm that you have met these requirements.

The NMC may ask you to provide a range of information about your practice hours. They may wish to see your portfolio so it is very important you have the following recorded:

  1. Dates of practice
  2. Number of hours you undertook
  3. Name, address and postcode of the organisations
  4. Scope of practice
  5. Work setting
  6. Description of the work you undertook
  7. Evidence of those practice hours, such as timesheets, job specifications and role profiles

Our computer portfolio has all of these components built in to make this recording process simple for you!

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