Nurse Connect: Our Story

Our Story

In the beginning there were two groups: A group of nurses and a group of computer scientists. The hardworking nurses were unhappy with having more and more paperwork to do with their ever-increasing workloads. They were unhappy with the lack of technological advancements to help with their professional development and in their daily lives. Essentially, nurses were being tasked with much more responsibility, fewer resources and inefficient systems that resulted in less time to focus on what is important…their patients!

Meanwhile the computer scientists were extremely passionate and wanted to build something special that would make a difference to the world. They held particular interests in healthcare, user engagement and in learning systems. Their mission was to build software that would engage and help users, be something that users wanted to use, and that set new boundaries at the forefront of technology.

Luckily, the software professionals met the nurses and that’s where the magic began. The two groups quickly combined their passions and started work on making their vision a reality.


The problem for nurses

Existing healthcare technology was not engaging enough. It seemed to exist and have been built for just one purpose, basic record keeping. We wanted to support nurses and bring them more meaningful information, reducing conflicting information across the web.

We also wanted to add a bit of fun!

So we built Nursing Matters.


Nursing Matters

What started as a website to provide revalidation guidance and resources for you nurses, soon expanded. We decided maybe, just maybe, by providing free resources about healthcare… we could share knowledge and promote nursing and nursing education.

Nursing Matters has achieved considerable growth hitting the magical million views per month in November 2016.

We invited guest bloggers and writers to write articles, games and quizzes. We curated the most up-to-date news for nurses and provide need-to-know information without confusion. With growing interest in our site and more and more contributors we became much pickier about publications and educational content to ensure our nurses get the most up to date and authoritative resources. We are so passionate about doing the best for our nurses that we restricted our educational games to only those that had received the Nobel Prize! We were joined by Nurse leaders and nurses from all disciplines, Professors of Nursing, Researchers, Nurse Managers and hundreds of thousands of nurses on the shop floor are now contributing to the nursing evolution because NURSING MATTERS!


Revalidation and Nurse Connect

“I have an almost complete disregard of precedent, and a faith in the possibility of something better. It irritates me to be told how things have always been done. I defy the tyranny of precedent. I go for anything new that might improve the past…“ Clara Barton

So whilst interest in our website was gathering pace we began working on not just making the simplest and most sophisticated solution for nurses, but one that would add benefit to your lives and so we created Nurse Connect, the most meaningful Revalidation and Appraisal Portfolio you will find.


Revalidation and Appraisal

The most common answers we got from our nurses on what made Revalidation difficult was the lack of time to do it, the complexity of cross referencing to the Code, finding time for CPD, the process creating more work for them, and keeping data safely.

We built Nurse Connect to solve these problems as well as others.

“Bound by paperwork, short on hands, sleep, and energy… nurses are rarely short on caring.” Sharon Hudacek, “A Daybook for Nurses”

So we built Nurse Connect to eliminate the paperwork needed for Revalidation, designed it for use on all devices and with quality controls in place that should ensure you have nothing to fear from Revalidation and to ensure you will not lose any sleep over it.

Revalidation really doesn’t get any simpler or more rewarding than by using Nurse Connect.

Nurse Connect works on every device so whatever you do on one device is reflected everywhere.

Data is so easy to enter and follows all the NMC guidelines.

For appraisals, your data is automatically mapped to our simplified appraisal framework, an offshoot of the simplified KSF.

For revalidation, your data is automatically mapped to the Code so that you can easily see how well you are meeting the standards that you are expected to adhere to. It is easy with our system to see what type of data the NMC want, how they want it and how you have to reflect upon your practice. Our system has all your tools in one place and our guided processes will make your revalidation plain sailing.

Connectedness and collaboration is key and one of the features that makes us unique from everyone else. Revalidation is not just about improving your own practice but supporting others and sharing best practice. Nurse Connect provides this for you by providing a system that allows you to engage with your peers, in-house and externally, by connecting with them through our collaborative messaging/chat system. You can participate in group chats, share resources, and work on projects.

Revalidation and appraisal can be carried out entirely online in conjunction with an appraiser or confirmer that you assign electronically.

“I think one’s feelings waste themselves in words; they ought all to be distilled into actions which bring results.” Florence Nightingale

That is exactly what Nurse Connect does! We poured our passion and skills into building a system for you, which distils your actions into tangible outputs and results, in a way that is nothing short of magical. Nurse connect ensures you have everything you could possibly need for successful revalidation, with features that no other system has and outputs that surpass the quality of every other system available. Like the nurses who inevitably go the extra mile, so does Nurse Connect!


Team Collaboration

“Unless we are making progress in our nursing every year, every month, every week, take my word for it, we are going back.” Florence Nightingale

There are communication systems for teams who put robots on Mars, and systems for teams who see through the earth. Now finally you have a communication system for the nursing and midwifery teams for whom treating and improving the health of the world is all in a days work! One of our unique features is getting you connected. Connected to your peers, connected to education and connected to technology. Engage with your peers, in- house and externally, by connecting with them using our collaborative messaging system.

Our Group Messaging allows you to invite your colleagues, team members, anyone you wish (and are connected to) to participate in group messaging. Direct messages allow you to reach a colleague directly. Send them a direct message, privately and securely.

Communication is essential for keeping you up to date with latest developments in your Revalidation and Nursing in general. We built our user interface to be so simple and intuitive that even the most inexperienced of users can join the conversation.

Discussion groups are a superb means for the resolution of problems, the exchangeof ideas and knowledge. Our system can be utilised for participatory CPD and solves the inherent difficulty of the time taken in scheduling and travelling to in person events.

But why build this? Because we wanted to connect nurses who believe in what we believe. A belief that we can improve ourselves and improve care for others. Our system is more than a means of communication. It connects you with peers and experts to tap the power of new opportunities, to educate, to share, to open doors; the power to build; the power to generate new action, and the power to develop and promote nursing.



“But the sufferers needed remedies of which I did not have the knowledge to give them…” Mary Seacole

The next challenge facing our team was the sharing of knowledge and education. Continuing education and the sharing of experience and best practice is the lifeblood of nursing and midwifery. It is what makes us better nurses, better people and improves patient care. But the nurses felt that learning was sometimes drab, boring, time consuming and computer based learning just wasn’t fun.

The computer scientists philosophically quoted Aristotle, “The roots of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet…”

But the nurses said: “Why can’t we sweeten the roots, lets make education engaging, fun and lets make it more rewarding!”

So the computer scientists decided to utilise game inspired learning design to encourage nurses to engage in the process. We also vowed to do what others don’t – reward our nurses!

Game inspired learning design is used to encourage engagement and healthy competition. Nurses can gain achievement badges and of course the all important certificates of completion.

In addition our collaboration system solved the problem of participatory CPD by enabling users to set up online participatory events.



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