Nurse Connect: Testimonials

I want to take the time to advise Registered Nurses who are in any way worried regarding Revalidation. Don't stress yourselves!!... Do what I did and use the Nurse Connect system. I have limited techno knowledge and felt I would never be able to achieve revalidation without help. Attending the bootcamp was the best thing I could have done towards completing revalidation...that's how I discovered Nurse Connect. The support I received during the process was incredible! The system is easy to use, and encompasses all the requirements for successful revalidation. It also does the hard work for you... what more can you ask?? If I can do it... you can too!

Sheila Roberts (RGN)

The nurse connect system is just what nurses need to help them to evidence revalidation. It’s simple and effective, and takes minimal time to complete. The features are really great as they are streamlined and make light work of the whole revalidation process, whilst being able to link this evidence to annual appraisals. This helps to prevent duplication of work, which gives me more time to focus on patient care. I have used the system for the complete process including evidencing my own revalidation and acting as a confirmer for a colleagues revalidation. All the nurses I have spoken to about the system have commented on how easy it makes the whole process, and they feel more confident that they will be able to easily evidence their revalidations. I strongly recommend this system to all nurses.

Nicola Johnson, Nurse Revalidation Lead, Independent Hospital

As a manager who is going to be an appraisee, appraiser and confirmer the prospect of revalidation was daunting to say the least, however, the nurse connect system clarifies the requirements in a manner that is both easy to understand and use. The method of linking input to the code is excellent and the feeling of satisfaction gained when you see the numbers going up is wonderful. Going forward I believe the nurse connect portfolio has the potential to allow each nurse to develop a living document charting their career which can only benefit employers, nurses and the profession as a whole.

Rebecca Cross, Newbloom Healthcare

Nurse Connect is a brilliant system designed to make my revalidation easy, simple and meaningful. I cannot imagine trying to coordinate all of my evidence via paper. It would take me hours!

Mara Chendra-Joseph, Specialist Nurse Mental Health, North West Commissioning Support Unit, Complex Care – Mental Health

I have started using the system already and it is extremely helpful and reassuring to an anxious nurse trying to revalidate!

Shauna Grugan

The introduction of Nurse Connect is a really helpful tool, I think it’s brilliant. The time it is saving me already is excellent.

Clare Flynn

What our other customers say:

High quality focused standards.

Love Nurse Connect, excellent idea.

Electronic version much easier.

Solved my anxiety re my revalidation.

Process streamlined, easily accessible, easy to navigate.

Electronic version is more organised, straightforward, and easy to follow.

I feel more confident that I can successfully revalidate if I use the Nurse Connect portfolio.


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