Nursing Revalidation: Clearing the Confusion about Practice Reflection

Nursing Revalidation: Practice Reflection…

There has been much confusion about the requirements for Practice Reflection for Nursing Revalidation, which every registered nurse in the UK must engage in to retain the registration. We have completely simplified this aspect for you. There are two parts to this process which every nurse must be aware of:

1. Reflective account
2. Reflective discussion


1. Reflective Account

What is a Reflective Account?

For the purposes of NMC Nursing Revalidation, reflective accounts are a mandatory requirement. All nurses will have to complete and store Five reflective accounts within their Nursing Revalidation portfolio. Each reflective account must be related to one of the following:

a) An instance of CPD and or
b) Practise related feedback and or
c) An event or experience in your own practise and how this is related to the Code.

What is expected of you?
Your reflective accounts must be completed on the correct form and stored as part of your Nursing Revalidation portfolio. These completed forms are a mandatory requirement for your Nursing Revalidation Portfolio. These forms must then be stored and used as the basis of your Reflective Discussion.


2. Reflective discussion

What is a Reflective Discussion?

For Nursing Revalidation, a reflective discussion is where you must have a discussion with another NMC registrant covering your five Reflective accounts above.

What is expected of you?

Each of the five Reflective Accounts above must be discussed with another NMC Registrant. This must be completed on the Reflective Discussion form. The NMC Nurse Revalidation guidance states: “You are not required to submit these forms to the NMC at any point in the revalidation process. There is no requirement to store them electronically or upload them into NMC Online as part of your application, or if you are selected to provide further information to verify your evidence. You should make sure that your reflective discussion forms are completed, stored or shared in manual, paper form, as opposed to electronically.”

Please don’t be daunted by these changes and the Nursing Revalidation Process. Nursing matters will keep you updated and make the process simple for you. Please register for free and we shall keep you updated on all changes and show you how make make Nurse Revalidation a breeze and ensure your PIN is safe.

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