Nursing Revalidation: Employer Responsibilities

Employers Guide to Nursing Revalidation

NMC Nursing revalidation is the new system of competency checks that will allow nurses and midwives to renew their registration. The process which will be undertaken once every three years is continuing to cause confusion regarding individual and Organisational responsibilities. The NMC is clear that for Nursing Revalidation, “good employment practice” requires employers to have support in place so their nurses and midwives were competent to provide safe and effective care.

The Nursing Revalidation Guide  sets out the type of support employers could provide to help their nurses and midwives revalidate. The regulator’s guide covers four areas in which employers should provide assistance:

  1. Awareness and culture
  2. Resources
  3. Systems and processes
  4. Guidance, tools and support

As a minimum, employers need to raise awareness about revalidation among registrants, ensure there are no “significant” organisational obstacles to the process. Employers should check all nurse and midwives are on the NMC register, and know where to obtain further information on the process.

The NMC has recommended organisations ensure line managers are made available to “confirm” nurses and midwives – a revalidation requirement which means they are expected to sign off the registrant’s portfolio.

For NMC Nursing Revalidation it also suggested that space and time be provided for nurses and midwives to hold their professional development and confirmation discussions, if these take place outside of an appraisal. The onus is on the organisation to ensure time is provided which provides a cost consequence that Employers may not have already factored.

Employers in supporting NMC Nurse Revalidation will have to provide information to nurses and midwives about whom in the organisation can “confirm” them, as well as sharing examples of what a written reflection or piece of feedback looks like.

Another suggestion is for organisations to review their systems for team activities that would count as “participatory” continuing professional development. Provisional revalidation guidance state registrants must complete half of their required hours of CPD by interacting with others.

Employers’ Guide to Revalidation
Employers’ Guide to Revalidation (Welsh)