Top Ten Fitness Apps

The Top Ten Apps for FitNurse!


Fitness isn’t something that happens overnight and most of the get fit quick programmes you read about, don’t really work. Like anything else it takes time and comes from small, regular efforts that gradually build up until we start to notice an improvement in our overall health and well being. Mobile phone apps are ideal to help if your goal is to improve your overall fitness – they can help to motivate you, provide regular tips and reminders prompting you to exercise and help you to monitor your progress day by day. For the braver among you, some apps also allow you to compete with others who are also using the app and share your hard work with the app community!

There are hundreds out there so we have rounded up our top ten to help you on your way to Fit-Nurse.

1. Strava


Free iOS and Android.

For cycling and running. This one is best for the competitive among us!
Strava is one of the best running apps and is also perfect for cycling enthusiasts. It allows you to easily track runs and rides by time, distance, and speed. The most popular feature is that it allows you to compete for things like climbing the highest or snapping the best photos mid-ride. You can see who else has run and ridden the same distance in a quicker time and compete over who has covered the most miles.


2. Endomondo


Free, iOS and Android.

This app is the perfect motivator to get you moving more!
Endomondo uses the GPS on your smartphone to track fitness activities from walking to running. In the middle of a workout, Endo (the app’s virtual trainer) chimes in to tell you if you’re about to set a personal record, or if you should pick up the pace. The Premium subscription bring you training plans and coaching which are worth the extra.


3. Jefit


Free, iOS and Android

The Jefit Workout app lets you keep a log of your weight-lifting workouts and keep track of the details as you complete your routines. You can log sets and reps, as well as how much you lifted. There is also a calendar to plan your routine.
Simple and effective!


4. The Johnson & Johnson official 7 minute work out


Free, iOS and Android.

Reported to be one of the best 7 minute work out apps. All you need is a wall, a chair and a bit of floor space – oh, and 7 minutes! The work outs include a range of exercises to keep you motivated and each move is explained as you work through making it suitable for all fitness levels.


5. MapMyFitness.


Free, iOS and Android.

One of the earliest apps and still one of the best. MapMyFitness has been tracking activities and logging food since 2007 with an easy-to-use interface and some of the most accurate tracking capabilities out there. The app now let’s you set challenges for yourself or your friends.


6. My fitness pal.


Free, IOS and Android

One of the easiest to use apps for tracking diet. The apps counts your calories and measures the calories burnt through activity. There is a huge database of foods to use to record what you have eaten and a bar code to scan popular items. The app also recalls your favourite foods to make it easier.


7. Runmeter.

icon175x175 (1)

Free, iOS only.

Runmeter is the fantastic running app for data-lovers. There are lots of customisable stats to keep you hooked in!


8. Runtastic six pack abs


Free, iOS and Android.

Strengthening your core has never been easier, thanks to Runtastic Six Pack Abs. There are a selection of workout programmes that last anywhere from 10 days to almost a month. Slo-mo videos help to make sure you get the moves right the first time round.


9. Touchfit: GSP


Free, iOS

Tailored training programmes. The app takes you through an initial work out which you rate in intensity and it then builds a workout suitable for you based on this. You can choose workout lengths of 20, 40 or 60 minutes to suit you. No equipment is needed to get started and you can do use it at home or in the gym – whichever you prefer.


10. Couch to 5km

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Free, iOS and Android

This app promises to get you running 5km with ease in nine weeks. Starting with walking and light jogging, its step-by-step programme aims to gradually increase your fitness as you go from a beginner