Trevor Cummings – Sponsored Cycle

This is my challenge, to raise some money for charity & highlight the plight of kids with this cruel disease.Your help & support is so much appreciated. Thank you.

As some of you know my wee nephew Ollie 5yrs was diagnosed with lukemia which was treated and cleared, but unfortunately it has returned and he’s just returned to hospital to begin new treatment… It’s all I can do to try and raise some money through this challenge and help raise the profile of the fight for a cure.

Through just giving, this is a safe and easy way for you to help, by donating even the smallest amount. But please don’t feel under pressure to do so if you have sponsored me before or you are sponsoring someone else.

Just reading this will help raise the profile of the fight to help these young children with lukemia.

Please follow the simple steps if you wish to sponsor me for 100 mile of pain !

Thank you so much