What if Healthcare was Gone?

What if your NHS was gone…

By Lauren Gavaghan 

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My Story

After 7 years of persistence, dedication and tireless working within the NHS, I felt that we needed a reminder of how fortunate we are to have our NHS. My colleagues and I have increasing concerns about certain decisions being made and how these decisions may cause a perception of devaluing all health care staff which could result in possibly dangerous consequences for the future of the NHS.

Recently there have been polices implemented that have been questionable in raising patient safety and in particular the junior doctor contract that will see their pay cut has been met with an unprecedented response and action that is rarely seen within the NHS.

Uniting the NHS workforce

On October 17th 2015, a historic moment of unifying the NHS workforce was witnessed. In excess of 17,000 doctors, nurses and the public marched through London to protest against the imposition of the Junior Doctor contract and urged the government to return to negotiations. Despite this, the DoH refused to drop contract preconditions and accused the British Medical Association of misleading doctors.

The first ever ballot solely of junior doctors took place between 5th and 18th November, with a view to industrial action. I believe that the very fabric of the NHS is at great risk and feel it is imperative now that ALL HEALTHCARE STAFF unite in our campaign to protect both NHS staff and patients.

As a part of our campaigning, it struck me that there is so much that is positive about the NHS, yet so little to illustrate this at present. To address this, I decided to create a simple website, but one with meaning, for the public to use as a platform from which to share their own personal stories of POSITIVE EXPERIENCES within the NHS. The aim is to encourage dialogue within families and amongst friends, with the hope that this dialogue then propels others forward in taking their own action to change the current situation.

It is impossible to conceive of a time when there may be no healthcare service free at the point of access in this country, and the aim is to foster reflection upon times when the public and their families have been grateful for services the NHS has been able to offer them. All of us, our family members and our friends, have been, or shall be ‘patients’ one day.


The Website

The website is full of images and touching stories of positive experiences within the NHS. So much is said about the negatives but here is a place filled with the many positive happy endings we never hear about.

A mother’s story


“My daughter was born with profound deafness and I thought I may never hear her say “mummy” or “daddy’. My daughter received unilateral implants and I will never forget her face full of excitement and joy when this implant was turned on for the first time and heard my voice! This would never have been possible if it was not for the NHS!!!”

We would love your stories about the positives within the NHS. Please also get friends and family involved too and you can do so by following the links below:

To contribute ONE SENTENCE and ONE PHOTOGRAPH simply send to: ifyournhswasgone@gmail.com and I shall upload your story to the website.

Visit my website: If your NHS was gone