What is feedback?

 What Is Feedback

As part of the revalidation process the NMC requires you to collect information about your practice and how you are keeping up to date. One type of information that is required is feedback from both colleagues and patients (where you have direct patient contact). You are expected to seek colleague and patient feedback least ONCE in EACH revalidation cycle (every THREE years).

Seeking feedback in this way enables colleagues and patients to express their views about your behaviour and performance and for this to be gathered in a systematic way. It provides the opportunity for patients, non-medical co-workers (including other health professionals, managers and administrators) and medical colleagues (including trainees and juniors) to reflect on the professional skills and behaviour of a nurse. The feedback is to be used:

  • As a learning and development tool to identify strengths and areas for improvement in your practice
  • To assist your professional development
  • As one of the pieces of information that, when considered together, will inform the decision as to whether a nurse should be recommended for revalidation.
  • The feedback is intended to help nurses to reflect on their practice and support their professional development by providing them with information about their practice through the eyes of those they work with and treat.