Why Introduce Revalidation?


Benefits of Revalidation

It is believed that changing the current registration process to the Revalidation system will provide a system to improve the wellbeing of the public. Ultimately, this is what nursing care and midwifery are all about.

There are many benefits within the system that all add up to make the process support nurses and midwives to continually deliver the best care they can. This will enhance public protection and increase the public’s confidence in Nurses, midwives and healthcare. So lets take a look at the ways revalidation will provide these benefits…

  • Increase the public’s respect and credibility for Nurses.
  • The system will enhance public protection.
  • Promote and maintain higher standards of care
  • Help nurses to meet the standards required.
  • Evidence shows that using practice related feedback improves quality of care.
  • Helps to further promote a culture of professionalism and accountability through ongoing reflection on The Code and nursing standards.
  • Assist with professional development:
  • Revalidation is a quality assurance system that promotes high standards and personal development.
  • Provides proof of being legible to practice in order to remain on the NMC register
  • If there are any concerns or allegations about a nurses’ fitness to practice, revalidation evidence can be used to investigate and keep the public safe.
  • It enables transparency and evidence for clarity and resolution of conflict
  • It opens up more opportunities for further learning and development for nurses to build on their great skills.


Other Important Points About Revalidation

  • Revalidation was launched in October 2015 by the NMC. They expect the first nurses to be revalidating by April 2016.
  • You will have to revalidate before your registration is due to expire (renewal date).
  • The proposed revalidation model has been developed in line with current legislative framework. It will replace the existing three-year renewal cycle and the notification of practice form.
  • Any documentation collected by a nurse will need be retained by you.
  • You will only need to submit documentation to the NMC when you are selected for an audit.
  • The NMC will select nurses and midwives throughout the year to assess the validity of the information provided for revalidation.
  • Our sophisticated system will guide you through the revalidation process, making it hassle free and straightforward. We ensure you will cover all the required areas to be able to successfully revalidate.
  • All nurses and midwives will need to comply with the process. Nurses and midwives who do not comply will not be allowed to register or renew their registration.